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PHOENIX 4X is a 100% True ECN (A-Book) Broker with no conflict of interest. We take pride in having all trades passed directly into the Financial Markets. Our State of the Art Liquidity Technology raises the bar in Execution Speed, Favorable Trading Conditions and Extremely Tight Spreads. We offer various resources with our trader's success in mind. These Resources includes PAMM Investment/Copy Trading, Market Research, Daily Trade Analysis, Economic Calendars, and Market News of current events.



Fundamental Analysis is a key element of Forex trading. What else can be a better source than an Economic Calendar? Our Economic Calendar will keep you updated on all major events such as the GDP, CPA, PPI, employment numbers, and much more. We use a clean and intuitive design so that you can easily browse through today’s events as well as the upcoming events. You can also toggle the filters and set the calendar to match your time zone.

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At PHOENIX 4X trading is our PASSION. We believe that creating the ultimate experience for our Investors is Paramount. Trading can be very lucrative but also mundane at times which is why Phoenix 4X has invested in the latest technology so that our Investors can participate in Quarterly Competitions. Investors will be able to view how they are ranked among other influential Investors. We want you to be excited about trading. Here at Phoenix 4X we offer a suite of Bonus programs. Competing amongst other Investors even if just a demo account, can help you to enhance your trading abilities.

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The Forex industry has experienced a mesmerizing evolution since the start of the 21st century. Trading now takes place on electronic exchanges and the use of online trading platforms has replaced the traditional way of trading. The modernization has brought several other features like the Trade signals. At Phoenix 4X we are committed to providing you high-quality Forex trade signals. Our signals are delivered with precise entry and exit levels and most of the signals are closed in profit.


Commitment To Our Investors...


Our mission is to create Value for Investors through Reliability, Flexibility, Integrity and Quality. To strive and exceed expectations at every level which will lead to the achievement of sustained long-term growth, expansion and profitability.We pride ourselves in providing foresight and cutting-edge technology to protect and enhance their profitability.


Our vision is to be the most trusted and acknowledged Brokerage Firm towards Forex traders in the market by provision of client focused, quality driven, professionally administered services utilizing our cost effective, world class technical practices and ethical manners.


PHOENIX 4X is committed to helping Investors in achieving maximum profit in the most professional manner. We want to be a force for positive change, whether you are trading a $500 or mulitple million dollar accounts. We are on a mission to make significant and lasting impact on Investors— today and for the generations to come.

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Innovative Solutions in the Financial Markets for those who know the value of money. Thousands of Investors have chosen us as their reliable and most transparent Broker.

All Brand services are based on the latest technologies and meet the highest requirements of professional market participants. Comfort and safety of financial transactions are our main priorities.

  • Minimum Deposit
  • Average Daily Spread (EUR/USD)
  • Stop Out
  • ECN-Classic Pro
  • 10 USD
  • 0.0008
  • 70%
  • MQL Service Signal
  • 100 USD
  • 0.00006
  • 75%
  • MQL Service Signal
  • ECN-Business
  • 500 USD
  • RAW
  • 65%
  • MQL Service Signal
  • Phoenix-VIP
  • 1000 USD
  • RAW
  • 60%
  • MQL Service Signal

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